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Sandwich paper

Our fresh-keeping classic

Simply wrap sandwiches or small snacks to keep them clean and safe - and take them with you. No grease stains and they won't dry out. Made from natural cellulose for environmentally friendly forest management. Whether it's packed lunches for children or snacks when you are out and about: Countless people have been relying on Toppits® sandwich paper for decades! It is a real classic and the longest-standing kitchen aid in our range.

Thanks to its high quality and practicality, Toppits® sandwich paper is a standard part of daily life.

Sandwich wird in Butterbrotpapier eingewickelt.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkGreaseproof
  • checkFor up to 50 sandwiches
  • checkPaper from responsible sources
Eine Familie hat ihre Butterbrote für ein Picknick in Butterbrotpapier gepackt.


  • Description
  • Sandwich paper
    16 m
    28 cm


Reliable protection and freshness

Toppits® sandwich paper is found in so many households because it performs its two most important tasks very reliably: First, it keeps bread, sandwiches and snacks fresh for longer and protects them from drying out.

Secondly, it prevents the grease from soaking through, so that taking little snacks with you when you are out and about is clean and simple. Just one pack of Toppits® sandwich paper is enough for up to 50 sandwiches.

The secret lies in the parchment-like structure of the wood-free sandwich paper. This paper is made from natural plant fibres, which are ground during the production process. This closes the pores in the fibres, making our sandwich paper greaseproof.

Butter, remoulade or even the juice from fresh sliced tomatoes are no problem with our sandwich paper. For more than 80 years now, Toppits® sandwich paper with its familiar rustling sound has been an essential for many people at every break time.

Sandwich paper as handicraft material

As well as being reliable, Toppits® sandwich paper is much more - it is also perfect for handicrafts and can inspire creativity.

For example, children love to use sandwich paper for tracing pictures. With the help of this classic product, many little artists have been inspired to create a wealth of imaginative images!

Or you can simply wrap small portions of butter up like a small sweet. This somewhat different sweet is a little something special to surprise your loved ones with when you have a snack or picnic. Your guests will be impressed and the snack or picnic will be a great success!

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