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Microwave cling film 2in1

Keeps fresh, easy to tear off and microwave safe

Microwave cling film 2in1 from Toppits® gives you two kitchen aids in one pack. You can use it to keep food fresh and protect it from drying out. You can also use it to heat up your food in the microwave, safe in the knowledge that your microwave will stay nice and clean. The cling film not only creates an ideal environment for heating food, but also helps to prevent splashes and spills. So, with Toppits® microwave cling film 2in1 you can save yourself a lot of cleaning work.

Leckeren Lachs mit der mikrowellengeeigneten Frischhaltefolie von Toppits® garen.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkFresh keeping and heating in one
  • checkEasy-Cut-System® makes it especially easy to tear off
  • checkProtects from drying out
  • checkThe microwave stays clean
  • checkSelf adhesive on any container
  • checkHeat resistant
  • checkPractical help finding the start of the roll
  • checkIntegrated roll holder - secures the roll in the pack
Gekochtes länger frischhalten mit der mikrowellengeeigneten Frischhaltefolie von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Microwave cling film 2in1
    15 m
    32.5 cm


Microwave cling film 2in1 - practical packaging

To make the cling film easy to use, Toppits® has incorporated three very practical features into the packaging. Firstly, a holder ensures that the roll of microwave cling film always remains in the right place in the pack and makes unrolling easier.

Toppits® microwave cling film 2in1 also has the added advantage that a very useful initial finder has been integrated. So, the days of endless searching for the beginning of the cling film on the roll are now finally over. Finally, with the Easy-Cut-System® it is no problem to cut the microwave cling film to the length you need.

The fact that  Toppits® microwave cling film 2in1 adheres to almost any container is especially practical. This gives you endless possibilities. A small bowl with home-made avocado cream can be covered just as securely as a huge roasting pan with marinated steaks for a barbecue.

Cling film in the microwave

Normal cling film has no chance in the microwave. Other containers are often used as an alternative for covering food in the microwave.

However, just using any container that is to hand often does not have a good effect on the quality of the food. The problem is that regulating the release of  steam does not work in the best way.

Either too much steam escapes or the steam accumulates too much under the cover. Neither situation creates good conditions for heating food. Depending on the situation, food dries out or becomes soggy. There is very little pleasure to be had in eating dishes like that.

Toppits® has developed this special 2in1 cling film to make the microwave ideal for heating delicious food. If you want to defrost or heat dishes with microwave cling film 2in1, you can make small holes in the cling film. This allows excess hot air to escape during heating and creates ideal conditions for heating food in the microwave.

It is best to pierce the holes with a fork. You should avoid using a knife. When piercing with a knife, there is always the danger of cutting too deeply into the cling film.

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