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Freshly sealed

How to keep creams from leaking out using cling film.

Shower gel, toothpaste, hand cream - things you need when travelling that are guaranteed to leak in your bag or smear completely after being shaken around. That's the unwritten rule of travelling - but now you can finally break it!

11. April 2018, 10:32 Uh

What you need:
• Toppits® cling film
• Toothpaste and cream tubes
• An upcoming journey

And this is how to do it:
Easy to do, big effect: Simply unscrew the tube you want to seal and place a small piece of Toppits® cling film over the opening. Then screw the lid closed and the next time you open it, you'll be delighted by how cleanly and smoothly you can squeeze the tube.

Cremetuben mit Toppits® Frischhaltefolie versiegelt
Cremetuben mit Toppits® Frischhaltefolie versiegelt

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