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Protection for your oven

How to save the trouble of cleaning the oven by using aluminium foil

What would the kitchen be without the oven, the king of household appliances? Probably a cold place without culinary delights. However, it certainly doesn't make it easy for you when it comes to cleaning. Let's face it, cleaning the oven is no fun. So here's an idea to make it easier on you.

11. April 2018, 10:44 Uh

What you need:
• Toppits® aluminium foil
• Oven with grill and/or heat from above

And this is how to do it:
Before you use the grill or the top heating element, simply place a piece of Toppits® aluminium foil on the base of the oven. Dripping fat and other stains that occur during grilling and baking are simply collected on the foil - and you can postpone the next tiresome cleaning job..

Der Backofenboden wurde mit Alufolie ausgelegt
Der Backofenboden wurde mit Alufolie ausgelegt

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