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Hibernation for beautiful flowers

How to get your flowers through the winter safely with Toppits® SafeLoc® freezer bags.

Are you one of those people who only really blossom when their garden blooms? Then winter must be a particularly hard time for you. But not just for you. Your plants and bulbs also need a lot of care so that they are back to their full splendour next spring. How you can help them? We'll let you into the secret.

11. April 2018, 10:34 Uh

What you need:
• Zipper® SafeLoc® freezer bag
• Winter-sensitive bulbs
• Water if necessary

And this is how to do it:
Many plants, e.g. dahlias and gladiolas, need special protection in winter so that they flower beautifully again the following spring. They are therefore best kept over winter in a Zipper® or a SafeLoc® freezer bag. Simply put the bulbs, fresh from the moist soil, into the tear proof bag and store in a cool cellar or frost-proof garden shed. Then all you need to do is look forward to a delightfully colourful springtime!

Blumenknollen im Zipper® - bereit für den Winter
Blumenknollen im Zipper® - bereit für den Winter

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