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Paper Freezer Bags

The new way of freezing

Searching for a sustainable solution to freeze your food in a conscious way? Look no further than Toppits® Paper Freezer Bags. Crafted with unbleached FSC® certified paper, these bags offer 100% plastic-free freezing, preserving the quality of your favorite foods while considering environmental responsibility.


With Toppits® Paper Freezer Bags, you can embrace a sustainable alternative for freezing. Suitable for baked goods, vegetables, fruits, and leftovers from cooked meals, these bags cater to a wide range of food items. And the best part? They can be disposed of in the organic waste.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkPlastic free freezing
  • checkMade from unbleached FSC® certified paper
  • checkTear-resistant
  • checkResistant to fats and moisture
  • checkNatural protecting from freezer burn
  • checkNo sticking to food
  • checkSelf-standing bottom for easy usage
  • checkIndustrial compostable (DIN EN 13432)
  • checkMade in Germany

How to use Toppits® Paper Freezer Bags

Product Sizes

  • Description
  • Paper Freezer Bags
    1 L
    20 bags
  • Paper Freezer Bags
    3 L
    15 bags
  • Paper Freezer Bags
    6 L
    10 bags

Discover unmatched quality

Our Paper Freezer Bags are designed with 100% natural fibers and high-quality special paper, preventing freezer burn and no sticking to food. The new sustainable kitchen helpers are resistant to both grease and moisture, maintaining the quality of your frozen goods. Discover the difference Toppits® Paper Freezer Bags can make in your daily life and your cooking routine. Choose the new way to freeze and join us in celebrating 100% plastic-free freezing solution.


Different sizes

Thanks to the different sizes of the Toppits® Paper Freezer Bags, they are the ideal kitchen helper for versatile use cases. They are especially recommended for freezing fruits, vegetables, bakeries, leftover dishes like rice or pasta meals.

Tips for using the Paper Freezer Bags


Label your Paper Freezer Bags first: use a pencil to indicate the name of the frozen food and its freezing date on the empty and flattened bag. Alternatively for an extra convenient handling, generate a freezing code with the Toppits® Foodsaver App and note it down on the bag. The app will remind you when the frozen goods need to be thawed and used for further cooking. This way, no food will be forgotten, and you can easily reduce food waste. You can find more information and download the App for free here.



For optimal performance let leftovers and pre-cooked meals rest and cool down first. Simply widen the self-standing bottom of your Paper Freezer Bag for easy filling, then transfer the food to be frozen. Gently press out the air from the filled bag and carefully seal it with a freezer clip. Try to remove as much air as possible, this will keep your food fresh for a long time.



If you want to thaw and use your frozen food for cooking, take the bag out of the freezer, open it, and let the food thaw in the bag for about 15 minutes. This will help you to release the frozen goods from the bag easily. Take out the food, let it defrost completely or reheat your leftovers in a pot or pan and proceed cooking further.



The bags can be disposed of in the organic waste after use. So, after you have thawed your frozen food and removed it from the bag, you can dispose of the bag in the same way as vegetable scraps or coffee grounds.

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