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We are Toppits®

Your friendly household helpers

Welcome to the professionals for food foils and household paper. Our quality, our reliability and our great innovative potential, combined with decades of experience and attention to detail - millions of households trust in this today. For keeping food fresh, storing, freezing or cooking and baking a wide variety of foods, our extensive range awaits you here - and much more all about aspects of your household.

Always up to date

For more than 80 years we have been producing fresh ideas. Our modern, safe products make your daily housework easier and support you in developing a conscious relationship to food.

Expertise through experience
From the first Melitta® cling film to the innovative freezer bag with Safeloc®. Come with us on a brief journey through time in the world of Toppits®.
Your household helpers
More quality time for the daily housework: From A for aluminium barbecue tray to Z for Zipper®, we are your everyday helper, helping you with our ideas to develop a sustainable relationship to food.
Innovative solutions of the highest quality
We stand by you with the latest high quality products for freezing, baking, keeping fresh, storing, transporting and cooking food. With our fresh ideas your life will become a little bit easier every day.


From sandwich paper to a versatile household helpers for the home and on the go.