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Silicone Stretch Tops

The sustainable way to cover your food

Searching for a way to make your everyday life more sustainable together with a suitable kitchen gadget you can integrate into your cooking routine? Then our Toppits® Silicone Stretch Tops are the perfect choice for you. They are free of disposable plastic and can be used as often as needed. Available in different sizes, the Silicone Stretch Tops are flexible to fit various storage containers, different dishes, and even cut fruits and vegetables.

Whether for large or small portions, hot or cold dishes: The silicone lids are the perfect kitchen all-rounder. Thanks to their cold and heat resistance they are ideal for storing leftovers in the refrigerator or for heating lunch in the microwave. By placing the silicone lid loosely on the bowl or plate it is ensured that air can escape.


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Benefits at a glance

  • checkKeeps food fresh longer (Protection from drying)
  • checkReusable and easy to clean
  • checkVery stretchy and resistant
  • checkDoes not leak liquids
  • checkUseable for fridge, freezer and microwave
  • checkCovers the smell
  • checkFlexible use for storing food in different containers

Toppits® silicone lids in their application

Package sizes

  • Description
  • Silicon Lids
    Ø 5, 8, 11 cm

Tips for using the Silicon Stretch Tops

Different sizes for different uses

Thanks to the different sizes the Silicone Stretch Tops come in, they are the ideal kitchen helper. From onions to yogurt pots to bowls of various sizes – in just one step various food and containers can be covered easily. Another big advantage: They will keep fruits, vegetables and leftovers fresh and therefore help to reduce food waste. Stack them on top of each other in your fridge to save storage space.

Here are some suggestions of what to use each size for:

  • Ø 5 cm Silicone Stretch Top: Use the smallest size for food items like small onions, bananas, cucumbers, peppers or spices.
  • Ø 8 cm Silicone Stretch Top: This size is best to cover up cut lemons, oranges, onions and apples or to use for desert bowls, small leftover bowls and 500g yoghurt jars.
  • Ø 11 cm Silicone Stretch Top: The 11 diameters size is best suitable for granola, fruit or snack bowls and storage jars.

After using the Stretch Top, you can easily wash it with dishwashing liquid or by putting it into the dishwasher. Turn inside out and secure between two holding rods in the dishwasher. Afterwards the Silicone Stretch Top will be as good as new and ready for the next use. 

Diverse, more diverse, Silicone Stretch Tops

Silicone Stretch Tops offer a variety of benefits. Flexible in use they are exactly the perfect kitchen helper when things have to go quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Toppits® Silicone Stretch Tops can be used in a cold environment – a fridge or freezer – as well as in warm surroundings like a microwave or in the oven. By placing the silicone lid loosely on the bowl or plate it prevents dishes like soups from splashing while heating up.

In addition, the kitchen stays wonderfully clean! The Stretch Tops keep everything nice and tight. Even liquid products such as salad dressings and yogurts can be safely stored this way.

They also provide plenty of freshness power. Especially vegetables which contain a lot of water like cucumbers or juicy fruits like oranges, which are known to dry out quickly and lose their aroma, stay fresh longer when covered with the silicone lids.

While we enjoy flavor intensity and long-lasting aroma, we are less fond of strong smells in our kitchen. Good thing our all-rounders seal in odours! Half cut onions can be stored easily next to other food in the refrigerator by using our Silicon Stretch Tops.

Moreover, our Silicone Stretch Tops can be used either in a cold or a hot environment. You can put the smart kitchen helpers without any problems into the refrigerator, freezer or microwave.

To ensure that your Silicone Stretch Tops will be kitchen tools you use for years, store them flat and away from dust. Wash them regularly either by hand or in the dishwasher.

With our Silicon Stretch Tops, sustainability never tasted that delicious!

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