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Plant your own little kitchen garden

How to create a small herb garden with muffin cases.

Have you been dreaming of your own little herb garden or a bit of green for your home? Then let's go! Start small and make a big impact later with deliciously flavoured dishes. We are happy to help you, because we love fresh herbs in the kitchen. And we also have a little trick for you.

11. April 2018, 09:26 Uh

What you need:
• Toppits® Stable Muffin Cases
• Seeds for kitchen herbs
• Soil
• A metal muffin tray
• Cardboard or wooden ice lolly sticks for labelling

And this is how to do it:
For your small kitchen garden, simply turn the Toppits® Stable Muffin cases into little flower pots! Put them in your muffin tray and add some soil and the seeds that will grow into your favourite herbs. Important: Light dependent germinators, such as savory, dill or basil, are only placed on top of the soil and pressed lightly. Dark dependent germinators, such as parsley and chives, are buried in the soil. Water and love take care of the rest. A little tip: So that you don't forget where which herb is growing, you can write the names of the herbs on wooden ice lolly sticks and put them into the muffin cases with the seeds.

Toppits® Stable Muffins zu kleinen Blumentöpfen umfunktioniert
Toppits® Stable Muffins zu kleinen Blumentöpfen umfunktioniert

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