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Cross & Frit® Paper

For crispy snacks - absorbs fat

Special Cross&Frit® paper absorbs excess fat and liquids when cooking in the oven. This makes oven snacks, such as chips, light and crispy. At the same time the baking tray and oven remain delightfully clean. And with less fat your food is healthier.

Leckere und crosse Prommes

Advantages at a glance

  • check2 layer special paper
  • checkFor crispy light oven snacks
  • checkSheets fit standard baking trays
  • checkAlso suitable for absorbing fat after frying or deep-frying food
  • checkAus natürlichen, nachwachsenden Rohstoffen
Zubereitung leckerer Nudeln


  • Description
  • Cross & Frit® Paper
    8 sheets
    37 x 30 cm

Using Cross&Frit® paper 

Easy to use and versatile - Cross&Frit® paper 

Toppits® Cross&Frit® paper is ideal for use in the oven. The 2-layer special paper is absorbent and the dimensions are perfect for standard baking tray sizes.

To get started quickly so that you don't get too hungry waiting for your snack, all you have to do is pull a pre-cut sheet out of the pack. No tedious cutting is necessary and you can start cooking immediately!

Delicious oven snacks thanks to Cross&Frit® paper 

Whether you want some nibbles for a cosy evening in front of the TV or as a side dish to your meal - you can prepare a variety of tasty snacks in the oven. But often, such snacks are fatty and anything but light.

Thanks to Toppits®, Cross&Frit® paper these delicious dishes can now be prepared in a way that is much healthier and less fatty! This special paper has been developed to make oven dishes crispy and healthier. Simply put one of the Cross&Frit® sheets on the baking tray and place your food on it.

It does not matter whether you want chips, fish fingers or potato croquettes. While you wait for your food to get ready, the special Cross&Frit® paper does its job and absorbs excess fat.

Your food gets nice and crispy and tastes delicious. So you can enjoy it with no worries!

Tasty served in greaseproof paper 

A little tip: Serve chips etc in Cross&Frit® paper! Simply fold a fresh sheet to form a bag and put the food inside. Your snacks can now be eaten right out of your hand without getting greasy fingers!


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