Are beeswax wraps hygienic?

Toppits® beeswax wraps are made from organic beeswax, organic cotton and traditionally harvested pine resin. Beeswax naturally has antibacterial properties, which makes using beeswax wraps particularly hygienic. The propolis in beeswax is the main reason that this natural substance has an antibacterial effect. In nature, bees incorporate propolis into their honeycombs to protect the hive against bacteria and fungi - we make use of this ben-efit in the manufacture of our beeswax wraps.

Where does the beeswax come from? 

The organic beeswax for Toppits® beeswax wraps comes from EU countries. The wax supplier sources the beeswax directly from organic beekeepers’ cooperatives. Before the beeswax can be used in the production of our beeswax wraps, it is subject to quality control in Germany. Then the wax is cleaned and pastillated under the strictest hygienic conditions.

What requirements must beekeepers fulfil? 

We only buy high-quality organic beeswax from Europe. The apiary that produces our beeswax is certified organic. This means that it complies with the guidelines for classification as an organic apiary. With this organic certification, we can guarantee sustainable and bee-friendly management. Many measures, including management, feeding, disease prevention and the care of the bees, are prerequisites for organic certification and are checked regularly.

How to care for & clean my beeswax wraps? 

To clean beeswax wraps simply rinse them with cold, clean water after use. If they are heavily soiled use mild washing-up liquid. 

Although beeswax wraps have a slight scent of beeswax, they do not pass this smell on to the food they wrap. Beeswax wraps do not affect the taste of the food they wrap and are completely hygienic for everyday use in the kitchen.

What can I do if the beeswax wraps are stiff? 

Beeswax wraps are naturally relatively stiff. This means they are perfect for covering bowls and folding over the edges so that they stay in place. It is also very easy to wrap food with the hygienic wax cloths. If the beeswax wraps become stiff due to external influences or incorrect care, or if you want to refresh their adhesive properties and reduce creases, they can recover their flexibility and become softer again by warming them up.

Simply place the Toppits® beeswax wrap on a baking tray lined with Toppits® baking paper and place in the oven at a maximum of 85°C for a few minutes. Caution: Keep a close eye on the wrap, as it only takes a few minutes to freshen it up again

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