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Barbecue tray

Pure barbecue delight

The Toppits® barbecue tray is versatile - for direct or indirect grilling, for collecting liquids under the grill or for keeping cooked food warm. This makes vegetables, fish and meat real barbecue delights!

Toppits® barbecue trays are also ideal for protecting food from rising ashes and keeping the grill grate clean. Last but not least, the trays are very useful for putting barbecue tongs and other utensils on while you are barbecuing.

Instructions for use:

Aluminium foil is not suitable for covering food in metal containers. Aluminium foil is not suitable for acidic or salty food.  Barbecue trays can be sharp-edged. The barbecue trays must not be placed directly in the embers during grilling. They must be used in a horizontal position.

Do not use in the microwave.

Frisch gegrillte Fleischspieße

Advantages at a glance

  • checkKeep their shape
  • checkHeat resistant
  • checkThe grill stays clean
  • checkRecycelbar (Bitte nach lokalem Entsorger richten).
Mann grillt im Garten


  • Description
  • Barbecue tray
    3 trays
    22x17 cm

Tips for using barbecue trays 

Notes on direct and indirect grilling 

Toppits® barbecue trays are ideal for various methods of grilling. There is a classic distinction between direct and indirect grilling.

The difference is whether the heat is generated directly below the barbecue tray i.e. the barbecue tray is positioned directly above the embers, which is ideal for burgers, steaks or even sausages. Or the heat is not generated directly below the tray - indirect grilling.

With indirect grilling the barbecue tray is not placed directly over the embers. So, the food is only heated indirectly. This is especially suitable for sensitive foods, such as fish or vegetables, as the food can be prepared more gently with the indirect grilling method. The indirect method is also good for simply keeping cooked food warm over the grill.

Steaming grilled food with barbecue trays

A particularly fine art in barbecuing is for example, steaming fish. To do this you only need two Toppits® barbecue trays and a little trick to make it work well.

To steam with a grill, do the following: First, make sure that the charcoal is evenly glowing and evenly distributed. The grill should not have too many embers or stacked charcoal otherwise the heat would be too intense. The layer of embers must not be too thin either but should be enough to steam the food for at least 30 to 60 minutes at an even temperature. For this reason, higher quality charcoal that burns well should be used for steaming on a grill if possible.

If the grill grid is height adjustable, it should be positioned high up so that the temperature in the grill is well distributed. Place the first Toppits® tray with the food in it in the middle of the grill and use the second tray as a lid.

The aim here is to stop the heat escaping upwards. You know this is working when the steam collects between the grill trays. The food is then the right colour all around and cooks gradually to create a delicious meal.

Instructions for use

Direct grilling: Aluminium tray with food on the grill directly over the charcoal.
Indirect grilling: Aluminium tray with the food to be barbecued on the grate next to the charcoal.
Collecting tray: aluminium tray for collecting liquids such as marinade and fat under the grate with the food to be barbecued.

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