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Baking paper

No more slipping thanks to non-slip base

Baking is fun - if there wasn´t for the constant slipping and rolling up of the baking paper. This is about to end right now: with the new and innovative baking paper from Toppits® with non-slip base, baking is even easier, and you can concentrate on the more on the finer things again!

In addition, the Toppits® baking paper reduces the contact surface to the baked good thanks to its non-stick structure. This reduces the risk of baking and the pastry slides more easily off the baking paper after baking. Your delicious baking creations stays in one piece and remain appetizing!

In addition, your baking tray stays clean, because even the greasing of the baking paper is effectively prevented. The result is a clean baking tray. You have more time to enjoy your pastry!

Teig backt man mit Backpapier von Toppits®.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkNo greasiness
  • checkNothing sticks
  • checkThe oven stays clean
  • checkCan be used on both sides
Plätzchen backen mit dem Backpapier von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Baking paper
    8 m
    38 cm

Tips for using Baking Paper 

Your versatile baking helper 

Toppits® Baking Paper with non-slip base is a versatile helper for every professional and hobby baker.  It can be cut to size for any use and remains in position thanks to the non-slip base. So, your baking tray is covered reliably. Cut the Toppits® baking paper suitable to your baking pan and line it with it. The cake can be easily removed from the form afterwards!

Healthier baking without fat 

The non-stick structure of Toppits® Baking Paper with non-slip base makes greasing the baking tray or pan needless. This results in several advantages. On the one hand, the baking tray and pam stays beautifully clean. The annoying burning in of fat is prevented and instead of scrubbing you can devote yourself entirely to baking fun.

On the other hand, you also bake healthier! Since you do not need fat to grease the forms, you save unnecessary calories. So, the treats from the oven are less on your hips and you can bake figure-conscious.

Environmentally friendly non-slip Baking Paper from responsible forestry 

Toppits® Baking Paper with non-slip underside is not only a practical, but also an environmentally friendly kitchen helper. For the production of the baking paper we use raw materials from ecologically forestry. Natural resources are thus conserved and used sustainably.

The roll form of the non-slip Toppits® baking paper further contributes to its environmental compatibility. You can cut off as much paper as you need. This minimizes unnecessary waste and you'll save your wallet and the environment!

Kein Aufrollen, kein Verrutschen!

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