Are freezer bags reusable?

Toppits® freezer bags are practical everyday aids for freezing food safely and conveniently. Both the standard freezer bags and SafeLoc® freezer bags from Toppits® allow you to di-vide food into portions before freezing. The SafeLoc® 1l freezer bags are also popular for air travel, as they are perfect for storing liquids in hand luggage. Basically, one thing can be said quite clearly about the different types of freezer bags - yes, they are reusable!

How do I reuse freezer bags? 

Toppits® freezer bags are strong and durable enough to freeze food safely without freezer burn and they can be reused again and again. Multiple use depends on the following points:

  • the foodstuffs that the freezer bags are used for
  • thorough cleaning
  • your own feelings about hygiene

Reusable freezer bags 

Reusing freezer bags is easier and more hygienic when they are used for bread or other solid foods than when they are used for liquid or very fatty foods. But even then Toppits® freezer bags can be used several times if they are cleaned thoroughly after use. As well as objective factors, your personal feelings are also important. If you get the feeling that reusing the freezer bag is no longer hygienic for whatever reason, you should pay attention to that and, if in doubt, dispose of the bag.

Tips for cleaning freezer bags 

It is really easy to clean freezer bags after use: simply rinse them in clean hot water. This ensures that the bag is clean and ready to reuse.  

After washing, the freezer bag should be dried and preferably reused immediately. Clean dish towels are good for drying but doing so on a dish rack also works perfectly too.

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