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Stable muffin cases

Always in good shape

Thanks to the special folded paper, colourful Toppits® stable muffin cases are stable enough to be used without a muffin tray.

With stable muffin cases you no longer need space-consuming muffin trays. Toppits® stable muffin cases are the ideal choice especially if you want to bake a lot of muffins, for example for a child's birthday party.

Colourful stable muffin cases are also ideal to make your muffins look as good as they taste!

Teig für Stable Muffins von Toppits® zubereiten.

Advantages at a glance

  • checkCases stand alone - even without a muffin tray
  • checkHeat resistant to 220°C
  • checkNon stick, no greasiness
Muffins backen mit den Stable Muffinformen von Toppits®.


  • Description
  • Muffin cases
    24 cases
    Ø 7 cm

Tips for using STABLE MUFFIN cases 

Stable paper cases with no silicone

The special thing about Toppits® stable muffin cases is the special folding technique used for the paper. This allows the muffin to be held securely in place without the use of plastics such as silicone.

The muffins can be served directly in colourful Toppits® stable muffin cases made of paper. After you have enjoyed your delicious muffin from our attractively designed muffin cases they are very easy to dispose of.

Savoury treats with stable muffin cases

Thanks to their stability, Toppits® stable muffin cases are also very suitable for savoury snacks such as Greek muffins or country potato muffins. Even works of art made with ham and bacon with cheese, salt and pepper are a great little extra during an enjoyable dinner with your best friends.

A very special highlight is spaghetti nests in muffin cases. But for savoury muffins, all kinds of vegetables and even meat can be served. Just as with an omelette, you can combine other ingredients with egg as a basis to form a mix.

Then pour the mix into the Toppits® stable muffin cases and finally put everything in the oven. When they are ready you have a delicious and very nutritious treat. They look great and can even make children enthusiastic about eating vegetables.

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